About Us


Caution Wear Corp.was incorporated in 2004 in State of New Hampshire. The company's core business is manufacturing and marketing of high quality male latex condoms. Caution Wear brands include:


  • CautionWear™
  • Iron Grip™
  • PPE™

    All of our brands represent superior products as a result of advanced latex manufacturing technology and fines latex raw material used in our condoms manufacturing process.


    Caution Wear Corp. produces wide varieties of condoms from smooth surface to textured surface, to color and flavor condoms. We market our condoms in the form of foiled and fully packed.


    All of our condoms are FDA approved, meet American ISO9002 Standard and major International Standards such as ISO4074, WHO and CE0120. Besides US Markets our condoms are sold Internationally to Europe, New Zealand and Africa.


    At Caution Wear Corp. we stand behind our products with a complete 100% money-back guarantee. All of our products are shipped within 48 hours after you place your order. Our shipping, packaging and billing is totally discreet and confidential. We want to tell you that we are extremely proud of the numerous compliments we have received on our products and services. And please remember:


    When you think SEX think "CautionWear™ Condom!"

    DUNS #177-056-145